Technical Visits to Soochow University and NUSRI

(May 2015) Dr. Hongliang REN and our PhD student Xu Wenjun paid a visit to Soochow University and NUSRI at Suzhou on May 21, 2015. Dr. Ren gave a talk on surgical robotics to the professors and research staffs of  Robotics and Micro system Laboratory at  Soochow University. Based on shared interest, the two labs will be initiating collaboration on robotics research in the near future. The same research team also founded HuiBo Robotics, one of the leading robotics companies in China and a good example of technical translation in the robotics industry. Dr. Ren was presented with some of the most exciting robotics platforms developed by the company. Located in SIP (Singapore Industrial Park),Suzhou, NUSRI was the last stop of the tech tour.  As a NUSRI PI,  Dr. Ren was happy to have discussions with the team there on  future development of NUSRI as well as conducting research projects there.


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