FYP Students: AY 20/21

Joei Si Min Wong

Li Jia

Lydia Ong Si Jia

Ryan Chan


Theseira Vanessa Chloe

Vishnu Sujeesh

FYP Students of AY 19/20

Chin Wei Moh

Darren Zi Hian Yeo

Jia Yi Lee

Lee Chun Hua, Ryan

Lim Qing

Nura Arifin Wong Yun Han

Tran Nguyen Lam Giang

Xinzhi Wang

Yeo Wei Le

FYP Students of AY 18/19

Cai Xin Chen

Catherine Jiayi CAI


Keith Gerard Lopez

Krishna Ramachandra


Liew Jiayu Jodi

Marcia Lee Jing Ting

S Pavitra

FYP Students of AY 17/18

Bryna Tan Cheng


Loh Ee Chian

Malapaka Venkata Suman

Niam Jen Yang

Oh Yao Wei

Tai Kai Li

Yifan ME

FYP Students of AY 16/17

Lim Yew Sheng, BME, FYP Student

Mavis Yee Qin Ying, BME, FYP Student

Chan Yun Hol, BME, FYP Student

Project: Pilot Study for a 3D Printed Flexible and Soft Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand

Koh Jia Xin, BME, FYP Student

Project: Building a basic stereo-endoscope

Tan Yong Pin Joel, BME, FYP Student

Project: Modular Design and Actuation System Comparison for Underactuated Tendon-Driven Soft Anthropomorphic Robotic Finger

Ting Li, BME, FYP Student

Lim Zheng Wei, ME, FYP Student

Meng Deren, ME, FYP Student

Tan Zhi Peng, ME, FYP Student

FYP Students of AY 15/16

Kenneth WONG, BME FYP Student

Kenneth’s project: Creation of Statistical Atlas of Nasal Cavity from Computed Tomography Scans, aims to further develop and plan the motion of an intramedullar snake robot, to be used in minimally invasive surgery. The motion of the robot will be programmed after analyzing images supplied by medical experts.

Bok Seng YEOW, BME FYP Student

Dean’s list, 2016 RCAR Best student paper award,  2016 BES Best Design Award.

Ng Chiu Ping, ME, FYP Student

Chiu Ping is a 4th year undergraduate majoring in Mechanical Engineering for AY15/16. His main interest lies in Mechatronics and he wishes to apply his knowledge in an area related to either defence, emergency or medical field, in hopes that life-saving measures can advance to a more efficient and effective level.

Nicholas Tan Yao Hui, ME, FYP Student

Angelique Huan Sixuan, BME, FYP Student

FYP Students of AY 14/15

Shen Shen, FYP Student

Biomedical Engineering Year 4 undergraduate. Project: Interested in microencapsulation, drug delivery and magnetic actuation.

Adib Ridzuan Bin Mohamad Roslan, FYP Student

Adib is a Year 4 Biomedical Engineering student and currently doing his final year project on Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES). His project will touch on creating a platform for the flexible manipulator of the endoscope. During his second year, his team won the Best Design Award for creating a robotic post stroke rehabilitation device. This project also won the Bronze Award for the Bioengineering Society (BES) 7th Scientific Symposium. He also participated in the Biomedical Engineering Summer of Code 2013.

TAN Tat Heng, FYP Student

Tat Heng is currently a 4th year student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at NUS. With a strong passion in entrepreneurship, he recently completed his minor in Technopreneurship under the prestigious year-long NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) scholarship program held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Under the flagship program, he held a full-time position as a New Product Development Engineer at a Electrical Engineering start-up company while simultaneously taking entrepreneurship classes in both University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School. He is constantly fascinated by the world around him and loves to seek out opportunities to improve himself and experience life. During some occasion, he also fancy a nice cup of hot chocolate with friends over a good laugh or a good book.

Benedict Tan, FYP Student

Roslyn Foong Pei Li, FYP Student

Loh Kai Ting, FYP Student

Project: live tracking of particles using OpenCV for the project involving magnetic actuation.

Neerajha Ram, FYP Student

Tan Koon Lin, FYP Student

Hadi Wiputra, FYP Student

Ang Wee Keong Benjamin, UROP Student

Alumni Members (2013-2014)

Koh Yong Chun, FYP Student

Year 4 undergraduate student major in biomedical engineering. (2013)

Tan Ze Feng, FYP Student

Tan Ze Feng, year 4 mechanical engineering student. Interested in design and mechatronics. Will be asking for help shamelessly all the time, any time spared for me much appreciated! (Ze Feng, 2013)

Teo Li Ting Lynette, FYP Student

Mechanical Engineering Year-4 Student, working on surgical robotics.

Sim Yi Ling Sherlynn, FYP Student

Year 4 undergraduate student major in biomedical engineering. Adventure seeker, loves adrenaline rush and keen to learn something new whenever an opportunity arises.
Will be glad to help though may not be able to contribute much, so if you do see me at the lab or in school, don’t hesitate to say hi! (: (Sherlynn, 2013)

Zhang Tongjing, Co-supervised FYP Student

Year 4 undergraduate student, Mechanical Engineering. (2013)

XU Jiayue, Co-supervised FYP Student

Year 4 undergraduate student, ECE. (2013)

Quek Yuen Xian, Co-supervised FYP Student

I am a Final Year Mechanical Engineering Student doing a project on gesture control of surgical robot arm with motion constraints. It involves using Kinect to connect human arm motion to the robot arm, and combining kinematics of the robot arm with motion constraints for operation in a confined surgical space. (Yuen Xian, 2013)

Neerajha Ram, UROP Student

I am Neerajha Ram, a Year 2 Bioengineering student. I believe that Bioengineering is a platform where compassion and creativity come hand in hand, allowing one to apply physics and engineering expertise for the betterment of people’s welfare in the healthcare arena. Throughout my journey in this career path, I aim to contribute to improving and/or creating biomedical devices that would: (i) ameliorate patients’ pain and trauma, (ii) increasing ease of use of devices for doctors and healthcare professionals, and, (iii) reducing cost of production for manufacturers where possible. Overall, I strongly believe that a life led helping others, is a heartwarming life of fulfillment and satisfaction. (Neerajha, 2013)

Alumni Members (2012-2013)

LIM Yong Mong Andy, FYP Student

I do not plan to save people by performing critical surgeries on them, but I do have a dream to help them by providing doctors the best surgical tools to do so. I know this is not going to happen anytime soon but I hope that being here in Lab for Medical Mechatronics would at least be my first small step on this journey. Never try and you’ll never know! (Andy, 2012).

LIM Wan Cheng, FYP Student

Seeks opportunities for new and enriching experiences – enjoys being in the outdoors and loves to travel whenever possible.Look not for a lifetime of moments, but moments that last a lifetime.(Wan Cheng, 2006).

Tan Zeqi, FYP Student

I wish to come up with new ideas and designs to improve on current medical devices that will assist doctors and surgeons in performing surgeries that will reduce patient trauma and recovery times..(Zeqi, 2012).

WU Keyu, FYP Student

Year 4 undergraduate student major in bioengineering and is keen on biophysics.(Keyu, 2012)

Tan Kian Yu Royston, NUS Bioengineering UROP Student

Goals: Obtain a PhD in Bioeng, research and hopefully create my own devices/machines/ideas 🙂
General Interests: Learning, being creative, finding how things work;
Awards: National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) gold and Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) gold. (Royston, 2012)

CHUA Cai Lin, UROP student

I am currently a Year 2 Bioengineering undergraduate who likes learning and is keen on research work related to biomedical devices, including surgical systems. My long-term goal is to contribute to the improvement of existing biomedical devices, in terms of functionality and costs, which in turn would benefit the users. I am where I am because I believe that the meaning of my life is to make a positive impact on someone else’s life. (Cai Lin, 2012)

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