Graduate Students

Current Members

Xiaofeng Deng Ph.D. Student 2023

Wentao Shi Ph.D. Student 2023

Yiming Huang Ph.D. Student 2023

Yu Tian Ph.D. Student 2022

Tao Zhang Ph.D. Student 2022

An Wang Ph.D. Student 2021

Ruijie Tang Ph.D. Student 2021

Long Bai Ph.D. Student 2021

Wenchao Yue Ph.D. Student 2021

Ruoyi Hao Ph.D. Student 2021

Sishen Yuan Ph.D. Student 2021

Fang Yuang M.Eng. Student 2020

Catherine Jiayi CAI DCP2017/FYP2018/PhD2019

Seenivasan Lalithkumar DCP2017/FYP2018/PhD2019

Xu Mengya Ph.D. Student 2019

Cheng Chen Ph.D. Student 2019

Bok Seng YEOW (BS/FYP, 2016, NUS) Ph.D. Student 2019

Godwin Ponraj (MS/RA, 2015, NUS) PhD Student 2019

Huxin Gao Ph.D. Student 2018

Alumni Members

Kirthika Kumar, Ph.D. Student 2017 Fall

QIU Liang, Ph.D. Student 2017 Jan; 2021 Postdoc AStar

GU Xiaoyi, Research Engineer & Ph.D. Student 2016; 2020 Postdoc NUSRI

Mobarakol ISLAM, Ph.D. Student 2015 NGS; 2020 Postdoc ICL UK

LI Lu, Ph.D. Student 2016 (co-supervisor)

WANG Yingxi, Ph.D. Student 2016 (co-supervisor)

XU Wenjun, Research Engineer & PhD Student 2015Jan; 2019 Scientist Pengcheng Lab

XU Wenjun is currently a research engineer and pursing her PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering at NUS from January 2015. She received her B.Eng in Electrical Engineering, and Automation from Soochow University and her M. Phil in Mechanical and Automation Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012 and 2014 respectively. She’s passionate about flexible manipulators and their surgical applications.

MIN Zhe, Visiting PhD Student (CUHK); 2020 Postdoc UCL UK

Parita Sanghani, Research Engineer and Master Student 2018

Anqi Pan, Visiting PhD Student 2017 Fall

WU Keyu, FYP/RA/Graduate Student 2013

Keyu WU received her B.S degree in BioEngineering from NUS in 2013

Shin SEN, Visiting PhD Student (U of Tokyo)

CHEN Jie, Visiting PhD Student (HKU)

Omar Ahmad, Visiting PhD Student

3rd year PhD student visiting NUS for research. Robotics has been a passion for a long time now. Recently worked on Gesture Recognition etc.

CUI Zongyong, Visiting PhD Student (2013-2014)

Cui Zongyong: visiting PhD student from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC).

WANG Jiaole, Visiting PhD Student (2013-2014), 2020 A/Prof HITSz

Jiaole Wang is a visiting student from the The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). His research interests are focused on surgical instrument tracking, surgical navigation, surgical robotics, biomedical image processing, etc. He would like to acknowledge CUHK for offering him the Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence for 2013-14 to carry out study in the National University of Singapore (Jiaole, 2013).

FENG Cong, Visiting PhD Student (2013-2014)

FENG Cong, Visiting PhD Student of Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research interest: physiological signal processing, multi-sensor fusion

GUO Weian, Visiting PhD Student (2012-2013)

GUO, Weian, visiting PhD student of Tongji University, China

ZHOU Yue Darren, Visiting PhD Student (2012-2013)

ZHOU Yue Darren, Visiting PhD Student of Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research interest: surgical robotics

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