The research group of Medical Mechatronics at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of NUS aims to facilitate surgical and intervention systems by engineering approaches, which are also known as Computer-Integrated Surgical (CIS) and Computer-Integrated Interventional Systems (CIIS). To meet clinical needs, we are collaborating with clinicians and aiming to extend their capability of planing and carrying out surgical interventions more accurately, safely, efficiently, effectively and less invasively, based on the advances of technologies in mechatronics, medical imaging, signal processing, surgical navigation, computer vision, robotic control, sensing and biomechanical analysis. For more information about our research projects, please check out the Google Scholar profile or click HERE.

Projects by Category

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Funding agencies:

  • CUHK
  • MOST China
  • MOE SG
  • SMF
  • Temasek Laboratories Seed Grant (Remote-controlled biorobot)
  • ASTAR TSRP (Human-Robot Collaborative Sensing and Perception)

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