Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars AY 20/21

Li Ling

Nie Kang

Deng Jiuqiang

Yang Yang

Visiting scholars AY 19/20

Juanxiu Liu

Haiyan Tong

Yusheng Yan

Wu Yi

Tianzhu Gao

Intern Students of AY 17/18

Abigail Martin


Anojan Daniel

Mohamed Athif

Pubudu Roopasinghe

Intern Students of AY 16/17

Ifetayo-Haleema Miller (USA Drexel), Intern Student

Shawn Cherian (USA Drexel), Intern Student

Joseph, Naomi (USA UPitt), Intern Student

Liu, Hannah Katherine (USA UPitt), Intern Student

Meadows, Jacob Michael (USA UPitt), Intern Student

Siddharth Pujari (India), Intern Student

2016 July

Ajit Deshpande, University of Louisville, USA

2014 Dec

Emily Etchell, University of New South Wales, Australia

(Exchange Student at NUS) Final year Biomedical Engineering student from the University of New South Wales. Interested in medical imaging, computer vision and travelling. Currently undergoing an internship in stereo vision object tracking (2014/2015).

2014 Aug

JAN Feiling, Univ of Stuttgart, Germany

(Exchange Student at NUS) I am a German student in the third year of Engineering Cybernetics in Univ of Stuttgart. My major is control and systemtheroie. During my three months research internship I will work on the control problems of surgical robot systems – Jan 2014.

TAN Zhengchu, Imperial College London, UK

FUNG Yiu Man, Imperial College London, UK

(Exchange Student at NUS) Year 2 Biomedical Engineering student from Imperial College London, doing a summer exchange and working on robot magnetic actuation systems – Alex 2014.

FU Gui, Imperial College London, UK

(Exchange Student at NUS) Year 3 Undergraduate student major in Aeronautics. I am currently studying in Imperial College London. I have a wide interest in Engineering and design. I believe that all disciplines of engineering are interconnect and aimed at the same thing: providing solutions! I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to do research in Singapore and I look forward to meeting more interesting people who will inspire me! – Gui 2014.

SUN Minyan, Imperial College London, UK

Exchange student from Imperial London studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering -Minyan 2014.

SHRESTHA Prabin, Imperial College London, UK

(Exchange Student at NUS) Currently starting my second year in university, I hope to one day make a noticeable contribution to humanity. I often find myself eager to explore and to experience new things, whether it is at work or in my spare time. I believe that people truly grow only after having new experiences.My project involves improving the mechanical properties of the hydrogels so that they can be used in soft robotics -Prabin 2014.

2014 May

Ashley S. Moy, UIUC, USA

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), USA

Amy Sun, JHU, USA

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA

WANG Kaiyuan, JHU, USA

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA

2013 AY

Kulthisa Sajjamark, Mahidol,Thailand

Mahidol University, Thailand

Dusita Sukvanitvichai,Mahidol,Thailand

Mahidol University, Thailand

Jinji Sun, Beihang, China

Beihang University, China

Mizuha Ogawa, JHU, USA

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA

Rohil Malpani, JHU, USA

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA

Namrata Batra, JHU, USA

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA

Inez Lam, JHU, USA

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA

Krishnapillai, Daniel, ICL, UK

Imperial College London, UK

Herbert, Geraint, ICL, UK

Imperial College London, UK

Shukla, Vyoma, ICL, UK

Imperial College London, UK

Huang, Zhenyi, ICL, UK

Imperial College London, UK


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