Team presentations at pre-ICRA2021

Congratulations to the following members for the papers accepted by ICRA2021 and presentations at pre-ICRA2021:

Menya Learning Domain Adaptation with Model Calibration for Surgical Report Generation in Robotic Surgery
Godwin Chip-Less Wireless Sensing of Origami Structural Morphing under Various Mechanical Stimuli Using Home-Based Ink-Jet Printable Materials
Huxin Remote-Center-Of-Motion Recommendation Toward Brain Needle Intervention Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Bok Seng Origami-Inspired Snap-Through Bistability in Parallel and Curved Mechanisms through the Inflection of Degree Four Vertexes
Changsheng A Miniature Manipulator with Variable Stiffness towards Minimally Invasive Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery
Ruphan Multiphysics Simulation of Magnetically Actuated Robotic Origami Worms

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