Team presentations and award at ICRA2023

Congratulations to the following members for the papers accepted by ICRA2023 and presentations at  ICRA2023:

Surgical-VQLA: transformer with gated vision-language embedding for visual question localized-answering in robotic surgery

L Bai, M Islam, L Seenivasan, H Ren*

arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.11692, ICRA 2023

Rethinking Feature Extraction: Gradient-Based Localized Feature Extraction for End-To-End Surgical Downstream Tasks

W Pang, M Islam, S Mitheran, L Seenivasan, M Xu, H Ren
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 7 (4), 12623-12630
Congratulations on the excellent work done and poster award in ICRA workshop New Evolutions in Surgical Robotics: Embracing Multimodal Imaging Guidance, Intelligence, and Bio-inspired Mechanisms held at ICRA 2023.
  • Domain Adaptive Sim-to-Real Segmentation of Oropharyngeal Organs Towards Robot-assisted Intubation, Guankun Wang, Tian-Ao Ren, Jiewen Lai, Long Bai, and Hongliang Ren
  • Relational Reasoning in VQA Models for Visual Question Answering in Robotic Surgery, Lalithkumar and Hongliang Ren

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