Best Paper Finalist award at ICIA 2015 Conference

During the recent IEEE ICIA/ICAL 2015 conference, we presented two papers including:

1. Keyu Wu, Liao Wu, Chwee Ming Lim, Hongliang Ren. Model-free Image Guidance for Intelligent Tubular Robots with Pre-clinical Feasibility Study: Towards Minimally Invasive Trans-orifice Surgery.
2. Wenjun Xu, Roslyn Pei Li Foong, Hongliang Ren. Marker Based Shape Tracking of A Flexible Serpentine Manipulator.

Besides, the first paper also won the Best Paper Finalist award.

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More information about the ICIA conference: The IEEE ICIA/ICAL 2015 joint conference (IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation & IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics) was held from August 8 to 10, 2015 in the old town of Lijiang, located in the beautiful Yunnan province of China. The IEEE ICIA/ICAL 2015 joint conference provided the participants with excellent technical and social programs. Papers with high quality were presented to demonstrate original research results and innovations in all aspects of information, automation, logistics, and their applications.


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