Shuang and Yi delivered TGIF seminars at SINAPSE

During the TGIF seminar held at SINAPSE, Mr. Sun Yi, our PhD student, shared his ICRA journey in Seattle USA and some cool researches on soft robotics he noted during the journey. Besides, Dr. Song Shuang, our research fellow, also shared his interesting stories during the academic conference journey to Halifax, Canada, where he won the best paper award!


Mr. Sun Yi: My ICRA journey and Information Sharing on Soft Robotics – Seattle USA 

Abstract: ICRA – International Conference on Robotics and Automation is one of the leading conferences in robotics. I was honored to present my paper, and during the conference, I spent some time looking around Seattle.
Biography: Mr. Yi Sun is currently a PHD student in NGS under the supervision of Prof Hongliang Ren. His main research interests and focus is soft material based soft pneumatic robots and actuators. Before that he was working in EPFL Switzerland as research associate also  in soft robotics.

Dr. Song Shuang: An academic conference journey to Halifax, Cananda

Abstract: CCECE2015 is the 28th annual IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE’2015) held at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Here we will show some beautiful and interesting photos and stories during the travel and conference.
Biography: Dr. Shuang SONG received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Application Technology from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 2013. Now he is a research fellow in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology (SINAPSE), National University of Singapore. He will be a Assistant Professor in Harbin Institute of Technology from July, 2015. He mainly focuses on the area of biomedical robotics. . His research interests include Magnetic tracking and actuation method for Bioengineering Applications, such as surgical robots and micro manipulations.

Two papers won CCECE awards

Our team won two conference paper awards at the recent IEEE CCECE (IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering) conference held in Halifax, Canada.

J. Feiling, Z. Li, H. Yu & H. Ren ” Optimal Teleoperation Control of A Constrained Tendon-driven Serpentine Manipulator” CCECE 2015, IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering

S. Song, H. Yu & H. Ren ” Study on Mathematic Magnetic Field Model of Rectangular Coils for Magnetic Actuation” CCECE 2015, IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering

More information about the two award-winning papers can be found from our lab project page.


Research Presentations in ICRA 2015

(May 2015) Dr. Ren and our PhD student, Mr. Sun Yi attended the annual ICRA (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation) conference at Seattle, USA, and presented our two accepted papers in visual tracking and soft robotics in medicine, respectively.

Technical Visits to Soochow University and NUSRI

(May 2015) Dr. Hongliang REN and our PhD student Xu Wenjun paid a visit to Soochow University and NUSRI at Suzhou on May 21, 2015. Dr. Ren gave a talk on surgical robotics to the professors and research staffs of  Robotics and Micro system Laboratory at  Soochow University. Based on shared interest, the two labs will be initiating collaboration on robotics research in the near future. The same research team also founded HuiBo Robotics, one of the leading robotics companies in China and a good example of technical translation in the robotics industry. Dr. Ren was presented with some of the most exciting robotics platforms developed by the company. Located in SIP (Singapore Industrial Park),Suzhou, NUSRI was the last stop of the tech tour.  As a NUSRI PI,  Dr. Ren was happy to have discussions with the team there on  future development of NUSRI as well as conducting research projects there.


NUS S&T Exhibition Launch at UCC

(9 April 2015) We have been invited to demonstrate our Intelligent Tubular Robotic System (iTubot) at the exhibition showcasing NUS’ contribution to nation-building through groundbreaking research. The event launched at the University Cultural Centre on 9 April to celebrate the 50th birthday of Singapore and the 110th birthday of NUS.

Our Intelligent Tubular Robotic System can potentially assist with minimally invasive procedures and is also endowed with intelligent navigation capabilities, which receives much attention during the event.



Two projects won awards from Asia Pac AR&TTs challenge 2015

(Mar, 2015) In the recent Asia Pac AR&TTs challenge 2015, our project on a soft robotic system for oral intervention (team members: Neera, Yi, Hongliang) won the Commercial Potential Award and the project on magnetic actuated robotic intervention (team members: Shen Shen, Zhu Jingling, Song Shuang, Li Jun, Loh Kai Ting, Ren Hongliang) won the Pitching Award.