Industrial flexible manipulators

For teaching purpose, this page is listing related flexible manipulators, which are cited from related websites.
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OC Robotics

designs and manufactures snake-arm robots, which are specifically designed to perform remote handling operations in confined and hazardous spaces. OC Robotics has delivered robots for industries spanning – amongst others – nuclear, aerospace, medical and security. It has also provided consultancy and analysis services for these sectors.

Features: Snake-arm robots have a long, slender and flexible design, fitting effortlessly through small openings and around obstacles. Snake-arm robots do not need support from the environment, which means that they can navigate through an open space, avoiding obstacles, carrying tools and conducting work.

SAMSUNG Electronics

Amazing mechatronics from the SAMSUNG Electronics people for a NOTES structure. Significantly more advanced that the KAIST robot presented before.  (A 2013 video of the system.)

Titan Medical‘s SPORT single port robot

Intuitive surgical da Vinci Sp Single Port Robotic Surgical System

Intuitive Surgical receives FDA clearance, unveils da Vinci Sp system.

Full story: While the FDA has already given clearance to the system, Intuitive Surgical plans to hold off on releasing it to market until it’s been made fully compatible with the latest da Vinci Xi robot.

Olympus Endoeye flex

Note: our NUH cardiac surgeons preferred this system for their epi-cardiac procedures!
The Olympus EndoEye Flex 5 offers HD resolution in a 5 mm diameter scope. The device uses digital-chip technology to place the camera on the tip of the scope, delivering high-quality, bright images and enabling doctors to see fine details during surgical procedures. Additionally, the scope allows for 100-degree angulation in all directions.

corindus: CorPath

The CorPath Vascular Robotic System enables the precise, robotic-assisted control of coronary guidewires and balloon/stent devices.

Festo: Bionic Handling Assistant BHA

Excellent pneumatic actuated flexibility!

transenterix: SurgiBot Spider Surgical system

SPL with bi-manual control capability.

endocontrol: JAIMY

JAiMYTM, the first motorized articulating laparoscopic instrument with iD-intelligent Dexterity, is designed to enable surgeons to overcome the unique challenges presented by single incision and conventional laparoscopic surgery.

Flexible endoscope

Richard Wolf Urology flexible endoscope “cobra” & laser for stone management: the first dual channel uretero renoscope

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