A Preface in Electromagnetic Robotic Actuation and Sensing in Medicine


With the advancement in robotics technology, medical field is evolving more with minimally invasive to noninvasive procedures. Minimally invasive surgical procedures have gained ever-increasing popularity over the past decades due to many of their advantages compared to traditional open operations, such as smaller incisions, faster recoveries, fewer complications, and shorter hospital stays. Robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery promises to improve the precision, dexterity, and stability of delicate procedures. Among these technologies, there is a demanding clinical need to progress the field of medical robotics in connection with noninvasive surgery. For this, the actuation and sensing in the future robotic surgery systems would be desired to be more wireless/untethered. Out of many promising wireless actuation and sensing technologies, one of the most patient friendly techniques to use is electromagnetic or magnetic actuation and sensing for feedback control and manipulation. In this book, we have intended to elucidate the recent related research and developments behind the electromagnetic actuation and sensing implemented in medical robotics and therein.

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