Self-correction of Commutation Point for High-speed Sensorless BLDC Motor With Low Inductance and Nonideal Back EMF

This paper presents a novel self-correction method of commutation point for high-speed sensorless brushless dc motors with low inductance and nonideal back electromotive force (EMF) in order to achieve low steady-state loss of magnetically suspended control moment gyro. The commutation point before correction is obtained by detecting the phase of EMF zero-crossing point and then delaying 30 electrical degrees. Since the speed variation is small between adjacent commutation points, the difference of the nonenergized phase’s terminal voltage between the beginning and the end of commutation is mainly related to the commutation error. A novel control method based on model-free adaptive control is proposed, and the delay degree is corrected by the controller in real time. Both the simulation and experimental results show that the proposed correction method can achieve ideal commutation effect within the entire operating speed range
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