Pilot study and design conceptualization for a slim single-port surgical manipulator with spring backbones and catheter-size channels


Robotic assistance in Minimally Invasive Surgery
(MIS) have extended the capabilities of surgeons via improved
precision dexterity and computer assistance. By tapping on
the capabilities of MIS, this paper aims to design a new
tendon Fixation mechanism which utilizes springs to actuate
surgical tools for the removal of osseous giant cell tumor.
We presents our preliminary design conceptualization and
prototype development using spring backbone and tendon-
driven mechanism. By investigating different tendon routing
mechanisms, for the first time this study shows that it is
potentially feasible to accomplish needle-size (outer diameter
of 1 mm) to catheter-size (outer diameter of 2-3 mm) single-
channel surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgery.
Through this mechanism, it is expected that our surgical robot
can provide completeness of tumor removal through a minimal
incision without compromising oncological principles

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