Active Balancing Control of AMB-Rotor Systems Using a Phase-Shift Notch Filter Connected in Parallel Mode


The vibration controllability is an important feature in the applications of active magnetic bearings (AMBs). This paper addresses the two key challenges on the active balancing control of AMB-rotor systems: presenting a parallel-mode scheme to enhance the notch performance at high speeds, and proposing a phase-shift notch filter to ensure stable operations over the entire speed ranges. First, both the frequency characteristics of the simplified notch filter in series and in parallel mode are discussed. The analysis shows that the closed-loop system with a parallel-mode notch filter has a deeper notch depth and faster convergence. The capacities of the synchronous current elimination are also improved at high speeds. Then, an improved phase-shift notch filter connected in parallel with the controller is modeled and analyzed. In order to understand the sensibility of the proposed solution to phase-shift variations, the stability analysis of the closed-loop system in the entire operational speed range is performed using the frequency response method. Experimental results on a high-speed centrifugal air blower test rig show the effectiveness of the proposed solution.

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