Design and Analysis of Magnetic Suspension Actuators in Medical Robotics


The introduction of surgical robots improves the quality of healthcare due to the minimal invasiveness, reduced pain of patients, improved efficiency, accuracy, and the efficacy of surgery. The majority of the existing surgical robotic systems are based on master–slave teleoperation mode. The emerging handheld collaborative control modes in robotic systems omit the teleoperation master, and instead use handheld intelligent controls to directly drive its actuator end in order to eliminate motion control uncertainties such as tremors. This chapter puts forward a novel kind of handheld robot system driven by magnetic actuators based on the magnetically suspended technology. The configuration analysis and the design method of magnetic bearing with current bias are presented, and then the analysis and method of the 1-DOF (Degree of Freedom), 3-DOF, and 4-DOF magnetic suspension-based robotic actuator systems are proposed in details.

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